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Delicate materials require gentle treatment and sometimes this limits our ability to treat ingrained soiling or time-set staining. We will use our experience to choose which solvent and process to use and to recognise where to stop before risk of damage to the dress.

We are often asked about this but it is sometimes impossible to guarantee the removal of every mark and stain from every type of material. In general we advise customers to be extremely wary of any company that profess to do so.

On some fabrics there may be a degree of ‘shrinkage’ depending on the material and type of cleaning required, however, this is rare. What we will guarantee is that we will always try to achieve the best results possible. In most cases this will indeed be a completely clean wedding dress.

There is always some risk in cleaning. Many dress designs involve trimmings, flowers, jewellery, sequins etc.

Before cleaning we will strengthen loose stitching and may completely remove and later replace the larger or more fragile items of decoration. The remaining smaller beads, sequins & attachments cannot be practically removed but will be tested for their suitability for cleaning.

Whilst every care will be taken we cannot accept responsibility for trimmings which are unsuitable for dry cleaning. During the process itself different parts of the dress can come into contact with each other which despite the best preparation. Very occasionally this will result in loss or damage to beads, even marking to the fabric itself. Should this happen we will do our best to replace any lost or damaged trim.

Dresses are automatically insured for loss and damage at 50% of the purchase value whilst in transit and processing where the cleaning process is found to be at fault. On occasion, we may ask for an ‘Owners Risk’ form to be completed where there is no care label in the dress or the cleaning process advised by the manufacturer is contrary to our knowledge or professional recommendation.

In the extremely rare event where a claim is necessary an independent valuation may be obtained.

We have a range of special processes available and have a choice of several cleaning machines and different solvents to make sure your dress is cleaned correctly.

We can clean almost any dress but occassionally due to certain embellishments on a dress we may recommend that your dress not be dry cleaned. In this instance we will contact you to inform you and will refund the cost of your cleaning.

We understand that your wedding dress is precious to you but there are hazards in storing your dress for more than a few months so it is a good idea to take precautions.

Many untreated stains will soon become embedded in the fabric and are likely to cause permanent marks. Some invisible marks & spills will, over time, darken and become very difficult or impossible to remove.

Mildew. When your dress is subject to changes in temperature the moisture in the air condenses causing damp patches. This results in mildew. This is especially likely if the dress is stored in polythene. Oxidisation. Fabric discolouring is similar in effect to oxidation but occurs as a result of using unsuitable packaging materials.

Fading. Unless your dress is kept in dark conditions sunlight will cause areas of the dress to fade. Dust. Over time dust collects and will damage your dress.

Once clean your dress needs to be stored away to prevent any damage to the dress over time. Leaving it in polythene in your wardrobe or attic can damage the dress. Our boxes are made from pH neutral materials preventing any yellowing or discoloration.

Unlike plastic coverings, boxes allow the fabric to ‘breathe’ which eliminates the risk of mildew or oxidation. Boxes protect from exposure to light and dust which will cause uneven marking of the gown over time.

Textile care experts recommend boxing and then storing in a spare room. The attic is not advised as there are regular extremes of temperature.

Our service does not include any repairs to your dress or other garments.

Yes this is very important, we use a third party courier, so for protection during transportation a sturdy box is essential (please note gowns are not insured if not sent in appropriate packaging).

The process takes approximately 3 weeks from collection to delivery back to yourself.

Please print off a copy of your order form and put it in your box with your gown. Also print our address off and stick it to the box.

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We would recommend you contact the designer and request a copy of the instructions. If this isn’t possible we may request you fill in an owners risk form.