View a list of our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your query, please get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to help!

Can all the stains on my dress be removed?

Delicate materials require gentle treatment, and this can occasionally limit our ability to treat ingrained soiling or time-set stains. Whilst we will always endeavour to achieve the best results possible, unfortunately in some instances it may not be possible to remove all marks or stains without causing further damage to the fabric of your garment. We will, however, inform you if this is likely to be the case.

Are there any risks to additional embellishments?

When it comes to dresses and garments with embellishments, such as trimmings, beading, buttons, appliqué and sequins, there is always some additional risk involved in the cleaning process, however we will always do our best to mitigate this risk as much as possible. 

Before cleaning your garment, we may completely remove, and later replace, the larger or more fragile items of decoration. The remaining smaller beads, sequins and attachments that cannot be practically removed will be tested for their suitability for cleaning, and any loose stitching will be strengthened. 

Whilst our team will always handle your garment with the utmost care, we cannot accept responsibility for trimmings which are unsuitable for dry cleaning. During the process itself, different parts of the garment may come into contact with one another, even despite the best preparation. Very occasionally this will result in the loss of or damage to beads, and/or cause marking to the fabric. Should this happen, we will do our best to replace any lost or damaged trim.

Is my dress fully insured?

All dresses are automatically insured for loss or damage at 50% of the purchase price whilst in transit and during the process where it is found that the cleaning method is at fault. 

In instances where there is no care label in the dress, or if the cleaning process advised by the manufacturer is contrary to our knowledge or professional recommendation, we may ask for you to complete an owner’s risk form. 

In the extremely unlikely event that a claim is necessary, an independent valuation may be obtained.

Can you clean any dress?

Our professional cleaning services can be used on almost any dress. However, occasionally, if your dress has any particularly delicate embellishments, we may recommend that you avoid having your dress dry cleaning. In such instances, we will get in touch with you to arrange for your dress to be returned and we will refund the cost of your cleaning.

My dress isn’t really dirty. Do I still need to get it cleaned?

Whilst your dress may look clean to the naked eye, it’s likely that any marks and stains that are not currently visible will darken over time, making them very difficult or even impossible to remove. 

There are several ways a dress can become damaged in storage, particularly if it has not first been properly cleaned. Even if having your dress professionally cleaned is done as a precaution, it’s a precaution we would always recommend to take.

What are the main risks when storing my dress?

The first main risk when it comes to storing your dress is mildew. When your dress is subject to changes in temperature, the moisture in the air condenses, causing damp patches and resulting in mildew. This is especially likely if the dress is stored in polythene. 

Another risk to consider is oxidisation of the fabric, which can cause discolouration and usually occurs as a result of using unsuitable packaging materials to store your dress. 

The third main risk is fading or discolouration of the fabric due to sunlight, so it’s important to keep your dress in a dark space, away from direct sunlight. You should also be wary of dust, as over time, dust can cause damage to the fabric. 

Our wedding dress storage boxes are both beautiful and durable, enabling you to safely store your wedding dress without fear of it perishing over time. Handmade in the UK using 100% recycled, specially milled pH-neutral board, our boxes allow the fabric of your dress to breathe whilst also protecting it from light, dirt and dust.

Should I use a storage box for my wedding dress?

Once clean, your dress needs to be stored away to prevent it from becoming damaged over time. Unlike plastic coverings, a properly constructed wedding dress box will allow the fabric to breathe, thereby mitigating the risk of mildew or oxidisation. A box will also protect the dress from being exposed to sunlight and dust, which would otherwise cause uneven marking and discolouration of fabric over time. 

Textile care experts recommend boxing your dress before storing it in a spare room. Keeping your dress in the attic is not advised, as there are regular extremes of temperature and this will not be good for the fabric.

Do you carry out repairs?

Our service does not include any repairs to your garment.

Do I have to send my dress in a box to you?

Yes. It is very important that your dress is packaged properly ready for transportation to our site. 

We use a third-party courier, so a sturdy box is essential to protect your dress during transit. Please note that your gown will not be insured if sent to us in packaging that’s unsuitable.

How long does the cleaning process take?

The process takes approximately three weeks from the dress being collected to it being returned back to you, beautifully clean and freshly pressed! Once you proceed with the order, you will be advised on a return date by choosing the most convenient delivery date.

What should I put in/on the box?

Please print off a copy of your order form and put it in your box with your garment. 

You will need to address the parcel to:

Treasured Possession
First Floor
The Village Stores
414 Holcombe Road

What if there are no cleaning instructions in my gown?

If there are no guidelines for cleaning written in your gown, we would recommend for you to contact the designer and request this information. If this isn’t possible, we can still clean your dress but we may require you to fill out an owner’s risk form before we do so.